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Hagstrom Collection

Designs from nature, distinctly captured in original silk screens

Artist Patricia Hagstrom

Marine artist Patricia Hagstrom graphically translates our aquatic environment into a rich blend of paper and paint. Her original silk screens of sea-life present the grace and wonder of the oceans she explores.

The silk screen process is done by using a refined stencil technique. A hand cut design is adhered to a frame stretched with silk; next the paint is pulled over the open areas with a rubber blade. Each color requires a separate stencil resulting in an intricate overlay design.

Born in the mountains of Bradford, Pensylvania, Patricia has an intuitive appreciation of the natural world. Her academic background began with a BS Degree from Villa Maria College in Erie, Pennsylvania, followed with a BFA Degree from Dominican College in Houston, Texas. She then pursued her advanced art studies with a scholarship from Gonzaga University in Florence, Italy, and obtained her Masters Degree from the University of Houston.

As an avid scuba diver, it is second nature for her to create pieces using the images she envisions as she explores the depths. Accepting commission work from patrons, designers, and architects, she constantly looks to the sea for her inspiration and self-fulfillment.

"With you as the viewer, I can create and share a visual experience. This empathy with nature could not exist without the two of us."

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